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Archero is a very popular action game developed by habby. In the game you are an archer who fights with monsters. Defeat the monsters to complete chapters and stages. To defeat monsters archero hero use different skills and combos. Archero mod apk comes with unlimited premium features like gems, coins, gold, and saphire. In this mod you get almost everything unlocked.
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Are you an archero lover? Found the game difficult or want to enjoy the premium version of the game for free? Then you are at the right place. Archero mod apk god mode comes with unlimited gems, coins, gold, saphire, money, and much more premium features. Now you can enjoy the full version of the game with everything upgraded and unlocked.

Archero Mod APK

Archero is a very popular action game developed by habby. In the game, you are an alone archer who fights with monsters. Defeat the monsters to complete chapters and stages. To defeat monsters archero heroes use different skills and combos. This is a very popular shooting game. In this game, you have to fight waves of evils.

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You have to play the game carefully because it is an energy-based game. If your player is killed by monsters then the game will be started again.

In every loss of the game, it costs you 5 energy. You get a total of 20 energy at the start of the game. Each energy refills in 12 minutes and the whole 20 energy refills in 4 hours.

After playing or winning a game your player gain experience points(XP). The more points increase the level of your player. You can increase your player up to 100 levels by playing archero.

Features of Archero Mod APK

Archero mod apk comes with unlimited premium features like gems, coins, gold, and Saphire. In this mod you get almost everything unlocked and get unlimited money and gems. You don’t need to buy anything from the shop. Almost everything is unlimited for you. No need to purchase any item with real money. Let’s talk about the features of archero mod.

Unlimited Gold

In Archero mod, you get unlimited gold. Gold is the most common currency in Archero game. With the help of unlimited gold, you can upgrade equipment, talent, skills, and much more. After maximum upgrades, you will feel like God of archero.

Infinite Health

In the game, the player has to fight with monsters to unlock the next levels. Sometimes monster kills the player. The player depends upon his health. If the health is decreased you will lose the game.

In this mod apk, you get infinite health. No monster or boss can kill you in the game. With the help of infinite health, you can beat every monsters with low upgrades. Infinite health gives you the real feel of God in the game.

Unlimited Saphires

Saphire is the rarest and useful currency of archero apk. Sapphires can be earned by beating bosses, events, etc. It is used to upgrade the level of the player to the max.

In this mod apk you get unlimited saphire. You can increase the player’s level and other objects to the maximum with the help of unlimited saphires. Due to maximum upgrades, the game will become very easy for you. You can impress your friends by showing them the level of your hero or player in the game.

Unlimited Gems

Gem is also one of the very important currencies in archero. You can collect gems by winning games, player level up, lucky roll or you can buy gems from store. Gems are used to unlock different things in the game. It is also used to upgrade abilities and other skills.

Unlimited gems is one of the very big features of modded archero. With the help of unlimited gems, you can upgrade your abilities to the maximum level. You can unlock all the locked items of archero. Unlimited gems will give you a feel like a super player of archero.

Unlimited Scrolls

In this modded version of archero you get unlimited scrolls. Scrolls are used to upgrade equipment and other stuff like that in the game. In the free version, you get a few scrolls after doing hard work. You get scrolls by mysterious vendors and chapter completion. With the help of unlimited scrolls, you can get maximum upgrades.

Maximum Talents

Talent is one of the most important things in archero. With the help of talent, you can empower your player to the strongest level. If your player is the strongest then you can defeat your enemies easily. In a simple apk, talents can be acquired by gold. Talents also depend upon the chapter and level of your player.

You need to play the whole game to max your talent in the archero. Other than gameplay you need a huge amount of gold to buy talent. But, do not worry about talents. In the mod apk you already get maximum talent. You do not need to wait or gold to maximize your talent.

All Chapters Unlocked

Archero has a total of 17 chapters until now. Each chapter has several stages. To unlock the next chapter you need to complete all stages of the previous chapter. The game becomes tougher and tougher when you do progress in archero. After every chapter, the next chapter will be tougher than the previous one.

There are two types of modes in every chapter.

  1. Normal mode ( Easy mode )
  2. Hero mode ( Hard mode )

To unlock all chapters you need to play the whole game. It is a very time-consuming process to unlock all chapters. In archero mod apk all chapters are unlocked for you. You can play your favorite chapters and levels without any previous gameplay. You can skip the stage or chapter you do not want to play.

[All equipment unlocked and upgraded

In archero you get various equipment like weapons, bracelets, spirit, armor, etc. There is a very good collection of equipment in the game. To unlock different items in equipment like weapons, bracelets, spirits, etc you need gems, gold, etc and you need to win battles. Many items can be unlocked by unlocking chapters.

You can upgrade each item with gold, gems, Saphire, etc. Every piece of equipment like weapons has different levels of up-gradation. To upgrade that item to a particular level you have to reach that level by winning different stages.

Unlocking and upgrading equipment is a very time and money-consuming time. To unlock all the equipment you need to play the complete game. You have to complete all the chapters of the game in order to unlock everything in the game.

You do not need to worry about playing the whole game to unlock and upgrade equipment. We have already done that for you. In the modified version of archero you get all equipment unlocked and upgraded to the max.

All weapons unlocked for you that will help you to fight with enemies easily. You even do not need to worry about unlocking each item in the equipment at all. With the help of everything unlocked and upgraded you can test all of the items and can easily beat your enemies.

All weapons are upgraded and unlocked. With the maximum upgraded weapons, you can high damage your rivals and enemies.

Premium events and stages are unlocked

In the free version of archero you can not play premium events and stages without paying real money. You need to make purchases to play premium events or stages in the game. If you ever wish to play premium events for free then you are lucky. We have successfully unlocked all premium events, stages, and other features of archero.

No Ads

Ads are the most irritating thing while playing the android game. Mostly irritating ads distract you when you are playing a difficult level. In the play store or free version of the game, you will definitely face ads issues. Either you need to pay for a premium subscription or you have to play the game with an ads issue. In the modified archero you will never face ads issues and you can play the game like the premium version of the game with so many features.

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In archero chapter is like a world consisting of several stages. Every chapter consists of two modes

  • Normal mode
  • Hero mode

In normal mode the difficulty of the chapter is normal. You can defeat enemies easily in normal mode. This mode is basically for beginners or newbies.

In hero mode, every stage becomes tougher than in normal mode. You face many random bosses with huge skills, weapons, and sizes. Hero mode is for experts who want to play the game in a hard way.

There are total 17 chapters in the game.

  • Verdant Prairie
  • Storm Desert
  • Abandoned Dungeon
  • Crystal Mines
  • Lost Castle
  • Cave of Bones
  • Barrens of Shadow
  • Silent Expanse
  • Frozan Pinnacle
  • Land of Doom
  • The Capital
  • Dungeon of Traps
  • Lava Land
  • Eskimo Lands
  • Paraoh’s Chamber
  • Archaic Temple
  • Dragon Liar

The chapter level in archero is earned through collecting gold after winning the game. You can increase your chapter level up to 17. Chapter level enhances the experience of the game.

Currencies of archero

Gold is one of the most useful and common currencies of the game. It is gained with the help of winning games and getting bonuses. The main source of getting gold is monsters. The gold depends on the monsters you killed during the stage. Gold in archero is used to buy and upgrade equipment, talents, hero, and abilities.

Scrolls are basically upgraded materials used to upgrade equipment. Scrolls are gained by time rewards and mysterious vendors.

Gems are also a useful currency in archero apk. It is used to unlock different items in the game. Gems are also used for upgrades. Gems are gained by Stage rewards, player level up, lucky wheels, and store.

Saphire is the most expensive currency of the game. It is basically used to upgrade heroes of archero. With the help of saphire heroes can be upgraded to maximum level. Saphire can be earned by beating bosses, random loot drops, and events.


Talents make your player stronger permanently in archero apk. Gold is required to upgrade talents. You can make your player the strongest by upgrading talents to the maximum level. Talents enhance the health of heroes, HP, strength, and damage. You can only get talents on different levels. Only +1 talent is available every time.


Equipment is one of the most important parts of archero. Equipment can be found by monster drops, mysterious vendors and on-chapter upgrades. There are 7 types of equipment available in archero until now.

Weapons Armor Rings Spirit Bracelets Lockets Spellbooks
Brave Bow Golden Chesplate Bear Ring Elf Blazing Bracelet Agile locket Art of combat
Death Scythe Phantom Cloak Wolf Ring Laser bat Frozen Bracelet Angel locket Ice Realm
Tornado Vest of Dexterity Falcon Ring Living Bomb Split Bracelet Iron locket Enlightenment
Saw Blade Void Robe Serpent Ring Scythe Mage Thunder Bracelet   Arcane Archer
Brightpearl   Lion Ring   Invincible Bracelet    
Stalker Staff   Bull Ring        
equipment table


Abilities can be achieved at the start of every chapter, by the lucky wheel, masters blessings, and the devil. Abilities strengthen the player in various ways. The more abilities you gain the more your player becomes stronger.

The devil offers you some abilities in the exchange for a player’s health. The devil has some unique abilities like passing through walls, walking on water or extra life.

Free version Modded version
No premium features All premium features
Finite health Infinite health (God mode)
Need to unlock everything Everything unlocked
Ads issue No ads issue
Everything is limited Everything is unlimited
Auto updates Auto updates
No root No root
Clean ( No Virus ) Clean ( No Virus )
comparison table of mod and free version of archero mod apk

How to download and install archero mod apk?

If you are a newbie and don’t know how to download and install archero mod apk. Let me help you out.

  • First of all, click on the download button given below and wait. Then it will redirect to the download page. Click on download, and your download will begin in 1 or 2 seconds.
  • It will take a few minutes to be downloaded after downloading the game. Follow these steps.
  • Now go to your phone settings and allow unknown sources.
  • Now go to download manager and click on the apk file. It will start to begin installing. After a few minutes or seconds, all done.
  • Now go to the home screen and click on the icon of the game. That’s the whole procedure of the game.

FAQs of Archero Mod APK

Here is the list of frequently asked questions about archero mod apk.

What is archero mod apk?

Archero mod apk is basically a modified version of archero. In this modified you get unlimited coins, gems, saphire and infinite health. You get verything unlocked in archero mod apk.

Is Archero mod APK safe?

Yes it is 100% safe to download and install. Archero mod apk does not contain any virus or malware.

Is it ad free game?

Yes, you will not face any ads issue in archero mod. You will feel the game like premium version.

Is archero mod apk offline?

Yes you can play it offline as well as online. The best thing about mod apk is that you can play it anywhere without internet connection.



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