Is GTA 5 worth getting on mobile?

On 17 September 2013, Rockstar launched a new game in their popular Grand Theft Auto series in GTA 5. Fast forward to more than seven years later, and it is still one of the most popular games around, with stats indicating that it still has over 146.01 thousand simultaneous players actively playing it on Steam.

The game originally has two modes: the story mode representing the classic storyline of the game and an online role-play version that allows you to enter a multiplayer world with other players. Since the game is still massively popular and hyped, the next question that might arise in your mind is whether you should play it on your mobile?

The mobile gaming industry is on a consistent rise. Numerous games have contributed to its hype, such as PUBG and CODM, which have also started several Mobile Esports organizations. Thus, if you are someone that loves playing games on your mobile and want to try GTA 5 but are wondering whether it is worth the download, then you are in the right spot.

The article will cover several notable aspects as to why GTA 5 APK on mobile might not be the best choice and not the worst either. So, if you want to educate yourself with the facts, READ ON.

Why GTA 5 is a great choice for mobiles

GTA 5 comes with a wide variety of exceptional features that you can enjoy in the game. It includes the likes of:-

  • Setting up your character
  • Getting a Job
  • Choose a career route
  • Multiplayer mode
  • Select your crew, methods, and plans
  • Thousands of cars
  • Buying and selling property
  • Pursuing heists
  • Exceptional high-quality graphics
  • Complete control over the character, making it free to roam around and explore

So if you want to enjoy the main features of the game but don’t own a PC or a console that can run it, it might be a problem for you. Furthermore, playing the game on a computer or a console might get too hectic for you as it requires many settings; thus, you can opt for playing it on your mobile.

The classic Story mode of GTA 5 is available on androids, and if you haven’t played the game so far, you should consider playing it.

Why GTA is not the best choice for mobiles

Although GTA 5 does have active players on mobile, unfortunately, it is not the best choice on your smartphone for countless reasons.

The most important reason is that Rockstar hasn’t launched it on mobile platforms; instead, local developers create it. Therefore, although you might find many of the features similar to the global version of the game available on computers and consoles, you might not be able to play everything.

Furthermore, the graphic quality of the game isn’t the best or close to the original game.  The game’s functionality won’t be the best either as GTA 5 is around 80 GB on PC, and it’s impossible to fit this kind of memory inside a smartphone yet. Thus, Phones don’t have the required GPUs or CPUs to run the game properly in the first place.


If you want to download GTA 5 on your mobile for the sake of experiencing the game, then you should go for it, as you will find plenty of similar features. However, if you expect all the game features on your mobile, it’s impossible as mobiles aren’t on par with PC yet. Thus, it’s best to enjoy it on a console or a computer.

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