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WhatsApp is the most popular digital instant-messaging application, and it allows the users to send, receive voice or text messages while all they require is a stable internet connection. Since 2009, the messaging application has grown, and it now has over a billion downloads across all platforms.
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FmWhatsapp 2024/24: WhatsApp is the most popular digital instant-messaging application, and it allows the users to send, receive voice or text messages while all they require is a stable internet connection. Since 2009, the messaging application has grown, and it now has over a billion downloads across all platforms.

FMwhatsapp APK 2024

WhatsApp offers plenty of valuable features relating to customization and privacy; however, it is far from perfect similar to every other application out there. There are plenty of features that many customers seek in the application which the developers haven’t included in it yet.

Thus, some local developers have created a modded version of WhatsApp called FM WhatsApp. The purpose of this creation is to enhance the functionality and features of the application to satisfy the demands of the users.

Although the main algorithm and idea behind the application remain the same, FM WhatsApp was created to provide some extra features. It means that you will still be able to text, call, and send documents to friends or family, but there will be certain upgrades.


If you want to know more about FM WhatsApp, its features, and how it could serve to be a pretty practical application, you are in the right place. The article will cover some of the mod’s features and how you can download it on your mobile.

FM WhatsApp

FM WhatsApp is a mod version of the global application. Foud Apps create the modified version, and it contains numerous features that aren’t available in the worldwide version. If you want better customization and privacy options, FM WhatsApp can be a great choice as it offers plenty.

Although the application isn’t available on the official Play store, you will have to download it from a 3rd party external website. FM WhatsApp comes with plenty of customization options that allow users to make their experience attractive and appealing. Furthermore, the application’s user interface is pretty similar, although the new features incorporated can be found next to the regular ones; thus, you won’t have to look hard for anything as you will find it all in front of your eyes.

You would need to be careful when downloading the application file. Since it isn’t available on the official source, it increases the chances of getting malware or virus when downloading it from an external site. So, you need to watch out and ensure that you don’t get into such a situation by downloading the FM WhatsApp APK File from a reliable website.

FM WhatsApp Features

FM WhatsApp contains features similar to the ones offered in the global version, while the most interesting ones are the others it offers. Some of its most notable features include:-

Customization options

The appearance of WhatsApp often bores a lot of users, and if you are one of them, you are in the right place as FM WhatsApp comes with plenty of themes. Since it provides a wide variety of choices, you can select a new theme for the application each day from the store and customize your WhatsApp in plenty of attractive ways.

Privacy options

FM WhatsApp’s privacy options are one of the reasons for its fame. It offers the following features to its users:-

  • Hiding Blue Ticks
  • Hiding Second tick
  • Hiding the Blue microphone
  • Hide typing and recording
  • Hide the view status
  • Anti-delete message option

These features enhance the application’s functionality while also ensuring that you maintain privacy between yourself and specific contacts.


On the regular global version of the application, a user had to save the number on their mobile to contact them on WhatsApp. FM WhatsApp allows you to send messages to any unsaved contacts through it. Furthermore, you can pin up to 100 chats on the home screen of the application. Thus, it adds exclusivity to the app

Better limits

The global version imposes certain limitations on sending messages to 250, FM WhatsApp doubles it, and you can send messages to up to 500 people at once. Furthermore, you can also send 60 images instead of 30 using FM WhatsApp.

Media sharing

Many people use WhatsApp to share documents and media, but one of the most inconvenient things is its limitations. The global version only allows users to share files at a limit of up to 64 MBs. However, many people don’t like it and have constantly complained to developers to increase it. FM WhatsApp allows users to send files up to 700 MB while there also isn’t a limit on the number of photos or videos that a user can share.

More Emoji’s

One of the most attractive aspects of a WhatsApp conversation is emojis. They allow the user to express themselves without writing anything. Although global WhatsApp lets you send plenty of attractive emojis, FM WhatsApp adds to the collection and provides better and more attractive ones. Therefore, for people that love using different emotes, FM WhatsApp can be a great choice.

Higher-quality image sharing options

If you are a professional photographer who regularly shares photos over WhatsApp, you might be aware of the pixel-breaking struggles. Thus, people have to opt for alternative methods to share images. FM WhatsApp provides a solution as it allows users to share High-quality pictures in better resolutions. You would no longer be limited to simply saving the data as you can also select the quality of the image you are about to send.

How to download FM WhatsApp

Now that you are aware of FM WhatsApp’s benefits, the next step is to find the quickest and safest way to download the application on your Android.

Luckily, we have you covered in this aspect; follow the steps we list down below to get the application on your device.

  • Provide access to your mobile to download from unknown resources from settings
  • Go to the website “” to download the FM WhatsApp APK file
  • Download the file
  • Go to the internal storage of your application and find the file
  • Open the file
  • Follow all the steps it requires
  • Your application will be downloaded
  • Enjoy


FM WhatsApp is a great way to enjoy extra features that the regular global version doesn’t offer its users. One of the main things many people prefer to global WhatsApp is because it doesn’t restrict users in multiple ways. For instance, it also has a call blocker that allows you to stop various spam callers contacting you. Thus, the better functionality combined with convenience makes it a great choice.

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