Touch Retouch MOD APK Free Download For Adnoird/IOS

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To make our photos perfect to upload on social media, we all need to edit them. There are many photo editing applications that you can download to use. However, sometimes you just need to make simple updates to your photo and do not need complex editing software.

TouchRetouch allows you to do just that. The game has great in-app features that will make things easier for you. With its easy-to-use interface, you can delete unwanted elements from your photo.

TouchRetouch MOD APK

If you want the same app but don’t want to be bothered by advertisements and in-app purchases, download TouchRetouch MOD APK.

In the cracked version of the editing software, you won’t be bothered by advertisements and all the features will be unlocked for you. Hence, you won’t have to pay for a single thing.

TouchRetouch MOD APK Features

Get rid of unwanted items

Sometimes, we take a picture and it is perfect, except for the messy background. This all can get really frustrating. However, TouchRetouch gives you the solution for just that. You can easily block out elements that ruin your image and also, delete them without any issue.

You can also remove blemishes and pimples from your skin to give you a smoother profile photo. If someone in the background is photo-bombing your picture, then worry not, you can easily remove them from the picture. Overall, the app allows you to make smooth edits.

Tutorials to guide you

If this is your first time using an app of such nature and you are confused, the in-app tutorials are here to help you out.

These step-by-step tutorials will provide you with a good understanding of the app. You can also read tips that will help you to make retouches less difficult. There are also smart removals in the app. Impressive Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the game makes the task easier for you by doing everything for you.

You can edit landscape photos and make changes to them. To make the image feel ‘normal’ again, you can easily edit out any odd element.

Easy interface

Thanks to the many available tools, you can make any changes that you want to the photo. Not just object removal, but you can also use the Clone Stamp tool to choose objects on photos and remove them.

You can make changes to hardness, opacity, and stamp size. Navigating around the app is not a hassle too as the interface is very easy to use. You will easily learn what a certain tool is for and eventually become a pro in editing!

Free to download

The app is completely free to download and you don’t have to pay anything to install it on your device. However, there may be ads in the app that may bring down the quality of use and there may be in-app purchases that you will have to make to unlock certain features.

How to download

  • First, you need to go to your phone’s Settings and give permission to install files from sources that are External
  • Then, go to the website and download the cracked version
  • Once, this is done, you need to open a File Manager on your phone and install the app from the file that is there


Q: Is TouchRetouch available on Android?

A: Yes, TouchRetouch is available to download on any Android device that you may have.

Q: Will the app remove people?

A: Yes, it will remove unwanted objects, wires, and even people!


To make the picture perfect for your social media feed, download TouchRetouch. With its exemplary features, you will be able to make the desired edits.

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